April 2016 – Completely new sanitary area

Last winter we renewed the sanitary part. We took everything out, preserved the insides of the hull, built in new sewage tanks, and made everything else new again. We now have an additional shower and a urinal. Cabin no.1 also has been rebuilt. Moreover, at the shipyard the propeller seemed to be damaged in such a way that is was necessary to put in a new one. All in all a lot of work - thanks everyone for all the help !

February 2014 – General Inspectorate of masts finished

The masts are back on the ship. This winter we welded, sanded, painted, and served the stays. The Stortemelk is almost a sailing ship again. Thanks to all those who helped.


December 2013 – General Inspectorate of masts

For a short while “Stortemelk“ is a motor vessel now. The masts have been removed from the ship. There will be a thorough inspection for damages, followed by maintenance if necessary and a new painting of the masts.

Masts and rigging – as well as the whole ship – are inspected each year. After 5 years there is always a major inspection and after 10 years the masts have to be dismantled for this purpose.


April 2013 – to the shipyard ...

In April, the Stortemelk went to the shipyard in IJmuiden for the annual beauty treatment, maintenance and inspections. This time we took special care of the propellor and the rudder bearings. Now everything is in perfect order and we are ready for the season ...


June 2012 – a new figurehead for the stortemelk

The Stortemelk got a new figurehead. A proud lady, looking into the distance of the open sea. She has long hair that shapes into waves, white like the foam on the waves in the 'Stortemelk', the fairway between the Dutch islands Vlieland and Terschelling.

Lynx Guimond made the figurehead for us.!__nautical

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